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LED Lighting Helps Slash Summer Utility Bills in New York

Hope Energy Group
July 10, 2018

As temperatures rise, so do your electric bills.

And while air conditioning might seem like the obvious place to focus your energy-saving efforts, LED lighting actually offers a smarter way to save.

Not to mention, lighting will help you save long after you turn off the AC.

Let’s look a 4 surprising ways LED lighting can help you slash your summer utility bills:

  • Savings from LEDs can offset the increased cost of HVAC.

A New York summer might not be unbearable, but it still brings soaring utility bills. Commercial buildings use up to 35% more energy during the summer.  

An LED lighting retrofit can help offset the increased cost of running your HVAC around the clock. Because the savings start the first time you flip the switch on your new lights, you’ll see a serious difference on your first energy bill. Plus, lighting upgrades typically pay for themselves within about 2 years.

  • LEDs help lower your electricity usage during the months when it costs you the most.

Just like gasoline prices spike before 4th of July weekend, electricity prices also peak during the summer. So while your HVAC amps up your energy usage, you’ll also pay a premium for it!

LED lighting offers one way to cut back on your total energy usage: LEDs use up to 75% less energy than incandescent, fluorescent, or metal halide lighting.

  • LED lighting actually keeps your building cooler.

As if it’s not hot enough already, incandescent lights contribute to the problem by giving off heat. (If you’ve ever tried to change a lightbulb that’s been on for a few minutes, you’ve experienced this first hand.)

In fact, 90% of the energy used to power an incandescent light is converted into heat. So while your HVAC is running full tilt to keep your employees from melting, your lighting is making your HVAC work harder. 

Switching to LED lamps can make a noticeable difference in building temps, since they give off a negligible amount of heat.

  • LED lighting is a cost-effective way to spruce up your building for summer.

There are endless ways to boost your property’s curb appeal, from installing a new roof to investing in professional landscaping. But unlike mulch and petunias, you won’t have to front the cost of LEDs. Utility rebates cover up to 60% of the cost of your LED upgrade, plus flexible financing lets you pay yourself to save.

LEDs are the light source of choice for commercial buildings because they offer beautiful, energy-efficient light. Beyond curb appeal, well-designed lighting can help keep your property safe and save up to 75% over traditional exterior lights. 

Don’t sweat your utility bills this summer

At Hope Energy Group, we offer a free energy assessment to help you maximize your savings all year long. Contact our team today to set up your free appointment.